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New Orleans DUI Attorney is a law firm in the NOLA metro area, serving much of South Louisiana, including Baton Rouge, Lafayette, & Houma. Our clients receive professional and expert defense in order to protect them from unreasonable charges and/or unfair treatment in a court of law. Our clients are our top priority, and we will do all we can to assure them a fair and speedy trial. DWI New Orleans acts as a mediator between the sometimes unfair & vicious justice system and vulnerable citizens.  





   Important Info About DUI's & DWI's

Three Types of Drunk Driving Laws –

 1. DUI Law – Driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs(legal or illegal), or both, regardless of blood alcohol level, may be forbidden under such a law. DUI's are considered crimes in all 50 states. 

2. BAC of .08% or Higher – In all states, a person whose BAC(blood alcohol content) is at .08% or higher is considered to be under the influence of alcohol. In some states, however, driving while BAC is at .08% or higher is illegal, whether or not the person's driving is impaired. 

3. Felony DUI –  DWI's are often considered misdemeanors, as with first offenses; however, in more serious situations, the the crime may be raised to a felony. If there is a casualty as a result of someone driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, the driver may be charged with a felony, possibly being sent to state prison for a long time. A longer prison sentence will most likely result if there were previous convictions for driving under-the-influence or a BAC of .08% or higher. In some cases, a third or fourth charge for driving while intoxicated is enough for a person to be charged with a felony.