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DUI Laws in Louisiana


There's no question that you don't want to get pulled over after a few beers, when even the smallest of lunchtime drinks can result in a DUI. While these rules are in place in all 50 states, they also vary immensely in punishment levels, appropriate testing, and a variety of other factors. Never assume the driving while intoxicated rules in one state are anything remotely close to what you will find in another.


Age Makes A Difference

One of the first things to realize is that the actual percentage needed to be busted for DUI is different depending on whether you are legal drinking age or not. For anyone who is 21 years old the limit is the national .08 that you would expect. However any underage driver who faces a breathalyzer is considered DUI at .02. Meaning any trace of alcohol at all in the system, even cough syrup's worth, and they're facing charges.


Severe Test Refusal Penalties
When it comes to DWI in Louisiana, test refusal penalties are extremely harsh. Refusing a chemical test is an automatic 365 day (1 year) driver's license suspension. A second refusal ups that to 730 days, or 2 years' of suspension. That's an extremely harsh penalty, especially considering a conviction on DWI doesn't necessarily need a chemical test, making it all the more baffling to refuse to take one of these tests while in the Cajun state.


Number Of Offenses Matter
In Louisiana the number of offenses matters greatly in sentencing. The offenses are generally broken down as first, second, third, and fourth, with each one having its own penalties.

Variables include:
- Amount of jail time
- Total amount of fines and penalties levied
- Length of license suspension
- Application of Ignition Interlock Device to vehicle


In other words, as bad as getting caught once is, repeating the same mistake is       far worse.



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       DWI New Orleans & DWI Baton Rouge provide professional defense for most of South Louisiana, and it is important to us that people are aware of just how               necessary and beneficial having this specific type of lawyer is. Driving while intoxicated and driving under the influence are serious offenses which may result in harsh penalties, depending on the state and the individual's record. While the theoretical purpose of our criminal justice system is to protect the rights of citizens, there is often abuse of the law by authorities in order to acquire a speedy, guilty verdict. The people in charge of the system depend on the public's relative ignorance of the law to do their job, which is to put people behind bars as quickly   and simply as possible. Therefore, you need a criminal defense attorney who has a thorough knowledge of the law so you will have a fair trial and be protected from     abuse of power. 


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    It is important that anyone who is ticketed or arrested for a DWI is aware of the best defenses they can use to fight the charges against them. If you have been arrested or charged for drunk driving, expert legal advice from a New Orleans DUI lawyer may lighten or completely eliminate the charges against you. 




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